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Twilight City - Rules & Information

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Jan. 18th, 2008 | 01:23 am


No god-modding! This is when you make decisions and write for another character during logs, journals, and so forth. Just stick with what your character is doing and thinking and let the other players be their own.

Please try to stay in character! Although this is considered an alternate universe, all characters should keep a sense of the canon personality and not stray away into actions that they would not really do.

The age requirement for this game is SEVENTEEN. You must be this age or older to be considered for this game. This is in order to comply with LJ's recent crackdown on adult content and to assure a maturity level within gameplay. This game will include graphic situations and the moderators cannot be held responsible for any unwanted exposure.

• Activity is a must. Please do not apply, get accepted and then do nothing. Please post within your first week of acceptance, and continue to post at least once every two weeks. There will be an activity check at the first of every month, so make sure to check back to the community and keep up to date with the game. If you are going to be missing for a while, please inform the game within last_phase, the OOC community. Failure to inform moderators of a hiatus could result in removal from the game.

Got a beef with another player? Please be civil about it and solve it. If a conflict gets too serious and out of hand, moderators will step in. In the case that a moderator needs to be contacted in regards to a player conflict, please immediately inform them.

Please be respectful to the other players. Do not bring Out of Character into the In Character. This includes emotions, or any kinds of problems or fights.

You are not your character. In no means should you be acting or placing too much of yourself into your character. Although character connections are healthy, you are still two different beings. Please be careful to not treat others as their characters as well.

Refrain from negatively criticizing, or telling other people how to write or play their characters. If you seriously have a problem with they way one of the characters is being played, take it up with a mod.

This game is open to all forms of sexuality. That being said, there is no excuse of determining your character's sexual preference for your own wants for the character. Do not make your character homosexual/heterosexual/etc for no apparent reason. It must be logical!

There is a character limit of three. This means you can only apply for and play three characters, maximum. This is to help with a diverse game and more players able to join.

There shall be no Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Your characters are not perfect. They are human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to balance both.

There are no original characters or repeat characters allowed. In addition, there are no repeat PB's allowed. Gackt is not allowed as a PB.

Respect your moderators! They love you, so please try and love them. Make outs and cookies always accepted.


• Journals will be used as a way to express what a character is thinking and feeling. They will be used just as we use a journal. Characters will all posses a livejournal where they communicate with other characters in the game and muse about their own lives.

• Posts considered too large (you should be able to deem what is "too large") should be put under a LJ-cut. Learn to use the LJ-cut! ALL meme's and quizzes are to be put under cuts.

• Journals can be cut into PRIVATE MESSAGES directed to other characters by using the LJ-CUT in order to label the message to someone else. Whatever is under a private cut can only be visible to that character. This will work as an in-game private messaging system.

• The comment title of the comments left on the journals can be used to make it visible to certain characters only. If a comment is titled to address and certain character only, only that character should see it. For example, since Jack and Squall are flatmates, Squall can comment leaving the title of "JACK." Jack can reply leaving a title of "SQUALL," and so on. Although we as players can see and read the comments, our characters CANNOT.


• All logging and playing should be done on THREADS or LOGS in the main community twilight_city. They will be done using a round robin style of writing using the comment system. AIM and GOOGLEDOCS may also be utilized in logging with other players. Additional information on journal entry and logging format can be found in the Writing Tip Sheet.

• You should write two or three paragraphs of what your character is doing, saying or feeling in a third person perspective. After you post the comment, the next player will respond to the previous comment with their own character. Progress takes place with the comment turns.

• Using the tagging system will allow players to go back and check previous logs. Please be sure to tag all CHARACTER NAMES into the tags for quick reference and back dating.

• The format that a thread should be posted under is this;

Who: [The characters involved in the thread]
What: [A quick summary of the events or thread]
Where: [Where the thread takes place]
When: [The time frame, or time of day]
Warnings: [Anything that might need one; NC17, gore, language etc.]

[--An lj-cut goes here--]

[Content of the log goes here]

[--Don't forget to end your lj-cut!--]

• An ACTION or OPEN thread is open to any character that might be in the area, who wishes to join the thread. They can be set anywhere and any character may be involved.

• A PRIVATE or CLOSED thread is one that is specifically created for a certain cast of characters and only allows those characters mentioned in the WHO section allowed to comment. This is used for the purpose of having only a certain cast of characters for plot allowed in that event.

• Players are encouraged to open as many threads or logs as they want! Threads are a great way to get plot and storyline moving along. Moderators will open some once and a while to create plot.

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