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Twilight City - Frequently Asked Questions

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Jan. 20th, 2008 | 08:12 pm

Do the characters still have inhuman abilities or magic?

No, all characters will be rendered completely human, stripping them of any magic or other abilities. Everyone only has the talents that real human beings are able to posses.

What do you mean by the weather always being sunny and balmy?

The city itself is shielded from all forms of weather, meaning that it is always a warm summer-like day, every single day. This is because the world is isolated from those conditions. Winter never comes therefore there is no need for Fall or Spring. To mask this, the city was formed as a costal area and is very close to an ocean.

My character is originally not human, what are they now?

All characters are transformed into human form! That includes all animal characters, inhuman races and singing inanimate objects.

What do you mean by the worlds they really belong to?

The true worlds they should be in are of course their canon universes such as the ones from their games and movies. Those are their real lives. So any past memories they have here and that are outside of Twilight City like childhoods or of people-- are fake, put there to help them with live inside this world now.

Will the characters ever find out that this world is a fake and not the one they’re actually from?

They shouldn’t be able to know that they are in the wrong universe and should only be aware of their lives having always been here. Think of it like all the characters are stuck in an inescapable city, similar to something like The Truman Show. The can have dreams or déjà vu about their real worlds, but on majority they will not know. The plot will unravel later on.

Where does my character live inside the city?

The characters must pick one of the residential areas to live. They have to be one of the areas that are listed on the locations page. You cannot make up your own residential areas or live somewhere else besides the places listed there! There are many to pick from ranging from apartments, suburbs to even China town. Balamb University can be listed as a current place of residence.

What are the legal ages in Twilight City?

The legal age (drinking, marriage, etc) is eighteen. The legal age of sexual consent and the ability to apply for a job is sixteen. Children can become emancipated (To be considered on their own, free to drop out of school, etc) at sixteen.

Why can’t I use Gackt as a PB?

Just no. Okay seriously, he’s an image that has been overused too many times and we are sick and tired of seeing his boney ass. Also, we don’t care how many Final Fantasy characters look like him, sorry.

What Final Fantasy characters can I play?

Any character that is classified as a canon character. That includes the games, movies, anime, and the extension games such as Final Fantasy Tactics. You can’t, however, play technically original characters such as the ones made in Crystal Chronicles or Final Fantasy Eleven. You also cannot play spin off characters like those from Legend of Mana or the like. You can play personified versions of all summons, aeons and espers as well!

What Disney characters can I play?

Any character that is classified as a canon character. This however does not include the characters made in collaboration Disney movies such as the ones done with Pixar. You are allowed to play any Disney character featured in Kingdom Hearts which includes Pirates of the Caribbean and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kingdom Hearts featured a lot of Final Fantasy characters that could easily be described as a different person like; Seifer from Twilight Town or a different Aerith. Can I play those characters as separate people?

No. The Final Fantasy characters that are in Kingdom Hearts should also be the ones from their canon games. This means there should only be one Aeris and no Twilight Town Seifer.

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