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Navigating the Twilight


Taken characters - A complete list of every character currently being played. Includes contact information to the players as well.

Reservations - Place a reserve on a character or a PB here.

Applications - Apply for a character here! Be sure to submit your application to the correct post. The application can be found underneath the lj-cuts.

Friend add console - Add all the current journals and communities to your friends list.


last_phase - The out of character community where all introduction posts, hiatus and other player contacting should happen outside of playing and logging.

twilight_city - The main community where all logs and playing should take place and be posted, also the setting of our game.

dusking - The moderator account that has all the information you will need located inside. Watch this journal for game updates.

Dusking Live - The permanent chat room for the players to talk live on AIM/AOL.

Twilight Press - A summary of all the events and updates that occur in the game.

Resources and Information

Schools, Locations, Residential areas - A list of the places within the city and short descriptions on each.

Rules and Guide - A guide to how things will be played in the game, as well as the set rules.

Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions you might be asking yourself. Look here if you are curious about something.

PB suggestions - If you need some help on a character model browse our lists for possible models for use or add your own!

Wanted Characters - A list of characters that are requested to be played. Look here if you’re not sure who you want to play for some better ideas.

Writing Tips - A guide to common writing mistakes and how to fix them in LJ games.

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Mod: Andrea
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